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COVID-19 Workforce Health Management & Monitoring Response

A comprehensive and integrated bundled solution, leveraging technology to capture test results and manage vaccine information. Our HIPPA-compliant digital repository empowers employers to build a virtual audit trail to validate Covid-19 testing for their employees.


What is PHASE Dual Track?

    • A comprehensive solution from Phase Scientific USA for surveillance testing &
      test/vaccine results-tracking and management
    • A powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use POC healthcare-provider tool
    • Is fully adaptable to COVID-19 testing protocols of B2B customer accounts (incl.
      confirmatory PCR testing), such as:
      • Employers/Workplaces (including their Health Clinic partners)
      • Laboratories
      • Urgent Care and/or Primary Care Facilities
      • Schools, Nursing Homes, Event Producers/Promoters, and other B2B customer users
    • DualTrack™ bundle includes INDICAID COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests

      • Efficient en masse testing with FDA-EUA approved ‘Batch Collection & Bulk Testing’
      • Easy, fast, simple and convenient rapid antigen test with 89.1% sensitivity

Benefits of efficient and cost-effective surveillance testing

  • Significant revenue stream opportunity for HCPs using PCR testing
  • Accurate results in 20 minutes with easy-to-use test kits
  • Centralized and secured data repository for any organization
  • Efficient vaccine and testing protocol management
  • Meets CDC Covid-19 screening guidelines
  • Meets all HIPPA regulations