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Raising the Value of Diagnostics for Healthcare Providers



Why diagnostics matter more


  • Diagnostic testing has always been a critical component for healthcare providers’ success. Diagnostics are the first step on the journey to better health.
  • The full value of diagnostic testing may not always be fully acknowledged, but it plays a critical role in helping both providers and patients to make informed decisions about healthcare.
  • The pandemic has accelerated diagnostics innovation and has shifted provider and patient expectations related to diagnostic tools.  Savvy healthcare providers are recognizing the changes but keeping pace isn’t easy to do.


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Picking the Right Partner

  • Diagnostic testing has always been a critical component for healthcare providers’ success. Diagnostics are the first step on the journey to better health.
  • PHASE Scientific Americas’ diagnostic products present healthcare providers with a compelling value proposition not only because of the clinical benefit, but also because of the positive patient outcomes, financial reward, and stakeholder value they can create with the additional insight and support provided by our team of diagnostic advisors.


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Bulk-Collection & Batch Testing

Supporting 4 Pillars of Healthcare Providers’ Diagnostics Success


1. Operational & Economic Efficiency


INDICAID point-of-care diagnostics are built for affordability and operational efficiency in terms of packaging, clarity of communication, and the simplicity of user-friendly rapid antigen technology. This is especially critical for providers struggling because of medical staff shortages.


2. Ease of Use


Comfort and convenience are drivers of both patient and provider satisfaction. PHASE Scientific Americas purposefully designs its diagnostic tests to be fast, simple, and painless to administer with minimal invasiveness and quick time-to-results.



Urgent Care Patient Provider Experience


3. Patient & Provider Experience


How we equip providers with not only quality diagnostics products but also with best-practice insights and transparent, responsive support can provide an improved patient experience and other non-clinical benefits for patients, practitioners, and caregivers.


4. Health Outcomes


We’re committed to helping providers more strategically and effectively implement diagnostic testing for greater clinical utility and improved health outcomes.



Choose Science-Based Products




Our company founders are scientists first and bring their science-first approach to innovation to ensure that our products are among the most effective, fast, and affordable. 



Expect People-First Support




Your focus should be on delivering great patient experiences cost-efficiently – not on the administrative detail of managing product supply. Our team is built to anticipate and respond to your needs and to those of your customers.


  • Accessibility - Need help? We’re a nimble, transparent organization and our leadership is available to talk with you directly to develop creative solutions to meet your needs.
  • Availability – Need supply? When infection surges occur, you need fresh product on hand. We vow to be transparent about inventory and shipping – so you avoid hassle and your customers can get what they need, when they need it.
  • Education – We’re constantly scouring the marketplace for diagnostic best practice insights we can share with both healthcare providers and patients. Our sector-specific research (for instance, our recent study of diagnostic practices among Urgent Care providers), our Diagnostic Partner interview series, and our other educational content efforts establish PHASE as a clear diagnostics thought leader.

Beyond COVID-19




PHASE has been a leader...

in point-of-care and over the counter COVID-19 diagnostics for healthcare providers from hospitals and urgent care facilities to primary care practices and clinics.

Stay tuned...

We’re expanding our respiratory diagnostic offerings and introducing diagnostics for other infectious diseases and for a variety of markets.


INDICAID is everything we need to quickly diagnose a patient population. The Batch Collection & Bulk-Testing saves valuable time when we are busy."
Carmen R. - Registered Nurse