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We envision a diagnostic testing ecosystem for cancer and infectious diseases that provides essential, early warning and the peace-of-mind which comes with knowing

We Make Diagnostic Testing Easier

We Make Diagnostic Testing Easier

We are working on making diagnostic testing easier, more accurate, and more accessible to all, through superb science-based innovation, segment-specific offerings, and insights, and by facilitating smoother provider and patient collaboration that produces better results for all.

While PHASE Scientific Americas’ current focus is centered on COVID-19 diagnostics, we continue to grow our product and service pipeline, including:

  • Additional Rapid Tests
  • At-Home Collection Services
  • Digital Health Platform
  • Oncology Services 

INDICAID healthâ„¢

INDICAID healthâ„¢

Diagnostic testing just got easier, more accurate, and more accessible to all.


We have recently launched three (3) new products... Sexual Health 2, and Women's Health 3, and Respiratory 3.


Sexual Health 2 has the ability to identify Chlamydia and Gonorrhea from a simple urine sample, acquired in the privacy of your own home.


Women's Health 3 tests for Bacterial Vaginosis, Candidiasis, and Trichomoniasis, from an easy-to-use vaginal swab.


Respiratory Health 3 tests for Flu A&B, and RSV from a simple nasal swab.


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Stay tuned for more offerings.

PHASE is committed to meeting the needs of patients, developing best-in-class diagnostic solutions to help alleviate the global burden of infectious diseases.     View Our Products