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PHASE Scientific Global Headquarters Opening - A New Chapter


November 3, 2022

PHASE Scientific Global Headquarters Opening - A New Chapter

A new chapter for the company and the biotechnology industry

Today, PHASE Scientific held an opening ceremony marking the relocation of its global headquarters to the Hong Kong Science Park, signifying the beginning of a new chapter for the company and the biotechnology industry. PHASE Scientific will focus its efforts on developing early cancer screening and continuous monitoring research, as well as rapid test products for the detection of various infectious diseases in the future.


The officiating guests attending the opening ceremony included: Professor Sun Dong, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; Mr. Jasper Tsang, former president of the Hong Kong Legislative Council; Professor Antony Wu, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Mr. Miao Yun, Director of the Education and Science Department of the Liaison Office of the CPPCC, Professor Lo Yuk Lam, President of Hong Kong Biomedical Innovation Association, Dr. Ricky Chiu, Chairman and CEO of PHASE Scientific, and Dr. Dan Marshak, Chief Technology Officer of PHASE Scientific.


Dr. Ricky Chiu thanked the guests for attending the ceremony and thanked the team for their trust and support, which enabled the company to grow. He said, "Because I believe, I see. I believe in my technology and my team, so we have always adhered to our original goal of helping people. As a response to the outbreak of COVID-19, we developed a range of COVID-19 diagnostic products in 2020, and helped Hong Kong, as well as the rest of the world, fight the outbreak. In the future, we will focus on the research and development of products and services for cancer and infectious disease detection and continue our mission of helping people.”


Professor Sun Dong, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, stated in his speech, "The biotechnology industry has a lot of room for development in Hong Kong. It will depend on the joint efforts of the Government and industry whether it can become a pillar industry in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an influential place for biotechnology to raise funds. I wish PHASE Scientific a prosperous future, and that the Government will also continue to support the development of related industries in the city."


Mr. Jasper Tsang, former chairman of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, has witnessed the continuous growth of PHASE Scientific. He said, "In addition to being an outstanding scientist and entrepreneur, Dr. Ricky Chiu is also enthusiastic about serving the community. I wish PHASE Scientific continued success and will soon establish its headquarters in the Greater Bay Area."


PHASE Scientific’s global headquarters office is located in the third phase of the Hong Kong Science Park. In conjunction with the R&D laboratory that moved into the Science Park in February of this year, the total construction area is approximately 17,000 square feet. The company's R&D laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and equipment to handle research in cancer detection and infectious disease detection.


In the second quarter of next year, PHASE Scientific will join the Advanced Manufacturing Centre in Tseung Kwan O to establish the company's smart production base, which will further strengthen the practice of "Hong Kong-developed and Hong Kong-manufactured" production. Additionally, PHASE Scientific will soon open PHASE lab in San Po Kong for the purpose of providing professional cancer and infectious disease testing.


Dr. Dan Marshak, Chief Technology Officer of PHASE Scientific said, "PHASE Scientific’s patented core technology PHASIFY™ will redefine the standard of testing.  This technology can concentrate and purify target biomarkers from patient samples, thereby improving the performance of detection and diagnosis, while enabling the creation of better detection protocols for infectious diseases and cancer.”


PHASE Scientific’s core technology, PHASIFY™, is a sample preparation technology that has created more than 55 patent applications or authorizations. It can concentrate the target detection substance to 10 to 100 times, solving the limitation of low content of target biomarkers in the current detection field. By producing high-quality samples through PHASIFY™ technology, diagnostic testing will become cheaper, more accessible, faster, and more accurate.


PHASIFY™ represents a breakthrough in cancer detection. According to clinical research on cancer biopsies conducted in collaboration with the internationally renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center in the United States, PHASIFY™ has surpassed the industry gold standard for 30 years, and is able to extract multiple cancer biomarkers, making early detection of cancer through liquid biopsy possible. In the future, PHASE Scientific plans on using its research and development capabilities to develop more testing products that can assist in the accurate diagnosis of various diseases using professional medical practices. As Dr. Ricky Chiu explained, "the goal is to Inspire a New State of Health, from treatment to prevention. At that point, diagnostic testing will be able to be performed outside a laboratory and on-site testing will become the norm in the future."





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